Read About Me


How many writing, rapping, singing, producing C.E.O.’s do you know?  There is only one entertainer who can truly – do it all.


Smooth D. is a multi-talented individual who brings a new form of energy and life to the music industry. With his

 life-related songs and his emotion-filled raps,

The “C.E.O.” seems to display his whole personality and image through his music. Being versatile with his rhyming styles and using different production techniques, “D” puts an end to the stereotypes that southern entertainers can’t be diverse.


When it comes to Rap, the “Emortul Spitter” comes hard whether inside the studio or on the street free styling. By using the many set-backs and bad personal experiences he has faced, D. transforms his lyrics into stories that everyone can relate to.


On the R&B side of the game, Smooth tackles the issues facing relationships & sex. “Mr. Water”, as he’s known to the ladies, keeps things flowing with his sensual words and soft voice. Once again by taking episodes from his own private life, “Pisces” shows the inner feelings and emotions that most men are afraid to reveal.


Smooth is the newest star from the “Dirty South” that explodes on the scene as a performer who is the definition of an all-around artist.